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Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation has been responding to the needs of domestic and overseas markets as a trading company in the field of chemicals, promoting the sale of raw materials, intermediates and finished products. The company actively contributes to society by providing a variety of important services as well as making new technological information available.
We are fully aware that environmental issues are critical themes for the survival of all species, and shall regard these issues as one of the top priority in our management policy. Moreover, we strictly observe all laws and regulations related to environmental conservation, along with other requirements to which we have subscribed. At the same time, we strive to prevent the occurrence of any environmental pollution in all business activities. And all new projects are undertaken giving environmental consideration.
Futhermore, we will improve the work environment by promoting operational efficiency.

Basic Policy

As an active player in chemical business supply-chain, we will promote following measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

  • 1Observance of Laws and Regulations
    We strictly observe all laws and regulations related to environmental conservation, along with other requirements to which we have subscribed.
  • 2Promotion of Environment-conserving businesses
  • 3Improving the work environment by promoting operational efficiency

To promote an environmental management system, we will strive to make continuous improvement for environmental management system by setting objectives and targets and by reviewing it.

Environmental Action Plan

  • 1Sales of the Biodegradable plastics raw materials in view of circular society
  • 2Reduction of environmental impact by selling non-fibrous titanate for brake pad production
  • 3Sales of pollution-free, anti-corrosive white pigments contain no heavy metals(e.g. chromium and lead)
  • 4Sales of hand soap made with recycled edible oils and fats
  • 5Reduction of food waste by expanding sales of shelf-life enhancer
  • 6Sales of various pharmaceutical raw materials, active pharmaceutical Ingredients and pharmaceutical formulations
  • 7Sales of biomass-based chemicals which contribute reducing GHG
  • 8Supply of material contributing to reduce the weight of automobiles
  • 9Supply of various chemicals for clean water treatment
  • 10Provision of new materials and solutions aiming for new technology development and energy conservation
  • 11Proposal and sales of products for maintaining and promoting health
  • 12Introduction of information technology to improve the work environment

ISO14001 Certificate, Appendix

August 27th, 2018
Tsutomu Miyazaki
President & Chief executive Officer